World Health Assembly Agenda, Technical Briefings, Side Events – Online Links To The Big Moments Ahead

The first “World Health Assembly Journal” for the upcoming World Health Assembly, 20-28 May, has been published online, together with the provisional agenda for the 72nd WHA and links to some 50 progress reports, strategy plans and updates that will shape the face of the meeting between WHO’s 194 member states.

The already wide breadth of topics on the agenda – ranging from anti-microbial resistance and health emergencies to WHO’s internal reorganization and its 2019-23 budget plan – will be complimented by a series of 8 technical briefings. Those will cover some of this year’s most talked-about health themes such as universal health coverage, as well as lesser-trodden ground on issues such as mental health and green, sustainable health facilities. Nearly 3 dozen more side events, co-sponsored by member states or non-governmental organizations in official relations with the WHO, will round out the heavy menu – covering everything from nuclear weapons to nutrition, vaccines, patient safety, access to medicines, non-communicable diseases and healthy ageing.

A rundown of the agenda and official documents is here. Detailed descriptions of the technical briefings and side events can be found in the Journal here. Events sponsored by non-state actors lives here. A timetable of other documents to be posted in the lead-up to the WHA is here.

Image Credits: WHO.

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