Major UN Effort To Achieve Universal Health Coverage Taking Shape – ProfMoosa said: "[…] Among the needs highlighted at yesterday’s forum of “Friends of Universal Health Coverage and Global Health” were getting governments to take ownership domestically and finding sustainable financing…..more […]".

    WHO: Italian resolution on drug prices gets co-sponsors; will be discussed during World Health Assembly - OnuItalia said: "[…] with colleagues from Italy’s Italian Medicines Agency and Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a press conference to promote the initiative. The Ministry also publicly circulated an open letter signed by over […]".

    WHO: Italian resolution on drug prices acquires co-sponsors; will be discussed during World Health Assembly - OnuItalia said: "[…] resolution was originally floated in February by Italy’s Minister of Health Giulia Grillo, in a letter to WHO Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Gheybresus. In March, Grillo along with colleagues from Italy’s Italian Medicines Agency and Ministry of […]".

    Cancer Drug Pricing gets in the way of Treatment in Developing Countries ~ Little Fighters Cancer Trust said: "[…] situation is exacerbated by the high cost of treatment and, in particular, the high cost of newer cancer […]".

    Global Health Agencies Face Yawning Gaps In Gender Equality – New 50/50 Report – Health Policy Watch said: "[…] light of the WHO restructuring announced only yesterday by Director General Tedros Adhanom Gheyebresus (Dr Tedros), the pendulum appears to have swung back […]".

    Médecins Sans Frontières On Drug Prices – You Can’t Negotiate Blindfolded – Health Policy Watch said: "[…] of Health, Giulia Grillo, for a World Health Assembly resolution on transparency in drug pricing (Health Policy Watch 18 February). The far-reaching proposal asks countries to require disclosure by pharmaceutical […]".

    Cancer drug pricing gets in the way of treatment in developing countries - NewsMag360_FlexMag said: "[…] situation is exacerbated by the {high cost|high price|large} of treatment and, in particular, the high {cost of|price of|expense of} newer cancer […]".

    Italy Floats Proposal For New Deal On Drug Pricing At World Health Assembly – Health Policy Watch said: "[…] focus at the recent WHO Executive Board meeting of 34 member states, with the spotlight on a recent WHO report on cancer drug prices, which noted that millions of people worldwide lack access to many mainstream cancer […]".

    Future of medicine? Australia's 'Netflix' model to treat Hepatitis C. - Closer to Life said: "[…] volume’ over the course of 5 years for US $766 Million. This approach has been referred to as the ‘Netflix’ model. Since it is similar to how we subscribe to Netflix for an unlimited amount of […]".

    Une agence des Nations Unies pour les femmes, désespérée, agace les diplomates pro-vie et veut plaire à l’Union Européenne. – La Lumière du monde said: "[…] de la santé reproductive dans les stratégies et programmes”. Cela a déclenché un intense débat à huis-clos. Après son adoption, les USA se sont dissociés de la terminologie “santé […]".

    WHO Rocks To The “Sound Of Life” At Launch Of WHO-ITU Safe Listening Standards – Health Policy Watch said: "[…] for adults and children, and recommends certain “safe listening” features for audio devices (HPW, Violence & Injuries, 12 February […]".

    Las reacciones ante las graves cifras del Informe Mundial sobre el Paludismo resaltan la necesidad de redoblar esfuerzos en la respuesta a esta enfermedad | Plataforma LAC said: "[…] Health Policy Watch: La OMS informa que los avances en la lucha contra el paludismo se han estancado… […]".

    High Drug Prices Open Switzerland Up To Regional Procurement Ideas – Health Policy Watch said: "[…] According to Amb. Nora Kronig Romero, speaking alongside last week’s World Health Organization Executive Board meeting in Geneva, a report within the WHO on cancer helped make the point about drug pricing. (more on the report is here, Health Policy Watch, 27 November 2018) […]".

    The ‘Year Of UHC’ – Interview With Swiss Global Health Amb. Nora Kronig Romero – Health Policy Watch said: "[…] The recent WHO report on cancer drug pricing [Cancer Drugs Unaffordable To Millions, 27/11/18, Health Policy Watch] caused quite a stir, and there were indications that even in Switzerland, drug pricing is becoming […]".

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    WHO Draft Resolution On Universal Health Coverage Shows Efforts At Consensus - Intellectual Property Watch said: "[…] year in New York, WHO members have been working on a draft resolution to be approved by the Board (HPW, WHO, 22 January 2019). The draft resolution would feed into the broader conservation of UN members […]".

    WHO Director Tedros: World Must Redouble Efforts On Health-Related SDGs – Health Policy Watch said: "[…] this would be part of the proposed “WHO Academy”, which he outlined to the Board this week (HPW, WHO Executive Board, 25 January 2019) as a means of expanding the reach of the voluminous guidelines, guidance and tools that the […]".

    An Inclusive Approach To Improve Global Access To Medicines – EAGL said: "[…] to tackle global health challenges. Blaming patents as an issue is exemplified in the WHO’s continuous push to make unfettered use of tools to undermine intellectual property, including compulsory licensing, […]".

    Top Global Health Policy Issues – What To Watch In 2019 – Health Policy Watch said: "[…] The proportion of people with access to essential health services ranges from less than 30 percent in some countries of Sub-Saharan Africa to more than 80 percent in many developed countries, according to WHO data. Explore UHC coverage at a country-level in an interactive map here. […]".

    WHO Cancer Report Stirs Debate On Eve Of Board Meeting - Intellectual Property Watch said: "[…] IP-Watch sister publication Health Policy Watch has reported on the cancer report here (HPW, WHO, 18 December 2018). […]".