Containing an explosion of COVID-19 cases in Korea and Iran have become top priorities for global health officials battling to prevent the epidemic from growing into a worldwide pandemic. While new lab-confirmed cases in China on Friday numbered 896, more than double the day before, that was still part of an generally downward trend as […] Continue reading ->
Experts were closely watching the development of Japan’s COVID-19 outbreak for signs of whether the virus might escape further out of control, moving closer to the tipping point of a pandemic – the worldwide spread of a new disease. Meanwhile, a new study in The Lancet  found that in Africa, Egypt, Algeria and South Africa […] Continue reading ->
The Director General of the World Health Organization today decided that the smoldering Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo should remain a “public health emergency of international concern,” following recommendations from a committee of experts convened under the International Health Regulations. The last embers of the 1.5 year long outbreak appeared to […] Continue reading ->
The novel coronavirus has been officially named by the World Health Organization as COVID-19, in the first day of a global consultation with about 400 researchers and public health experts charged with designing a coherent way forward to confront the expanding epidemic. However, as the case count rose by Tuesday afternoon to 42,747 people with […] Continue reading ->
“We all have a vested interest to stop this epidemic,” says Thomas Cueni, Director General of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA). As WHO on Tuesday convenes a Global Research & Innovation Forum to rapidly ramp up R&D, Cueni spoke with Health Policy Watch  about what he describes as  “the extraordinary willingness […] Continue reading ->