The world is experiencing a record-breaking surge in wildfires, downward trends in crop production, unprecedented heat waves, and a rise in infectious diseases as a result of the unabated pace of climate change – affecting the health and safety of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. However, dramatic action now could still keep the global […] Continue reading ->
Some 11,258 scientists from 153 countries have issued a sharp warning in the journal BioScience, about the climate emergency faced by the global community. The scientists calls for “bold and drastic transformations” in six key areas to pull earth from the precipice of potentially catastrophic deterioration in basic life support systems. Their prescription includes: a […] Continue reading ->
Demonstrators poured onto the streets and politicians pointed fingers as Delhi’s air pollution levels soared above the threshold air quality monitoring stations could record on Sunday. The Indian Supreme Court issued a scathing statement calling for politicians to stop “passing the buck” on the air pollution issue and take urgent action in the “public health […] Continue reading ->
Berlin, Germany – From antimicrobial resistance to drug access, climate change and emerging trends such as growing obesity in Africa alongside under-nutrition, this year’s World Health Summit’s is packed with an imposing agenda, dwarfed only by the staggering dimensions of the real-world challenges. “Polio has almost been eradicated, HIV/AIDS has been driven back and we […] Continue reading ->
Although it was governments that made the big commitments to tackle climate change in the 2015 Paris Agreement, mayors are leading the charge in reducing air pollution on the ground. At a first-ever World Air Quality Conference, hosted by the City of London, mayors and city leaders from around the world convened Wednesday, to confer […] Continue reading ->
The risk of future Ebola outbreaks could be greatly reduced by more aggressive climate mitigation measures along with rapid progress on the Sustainable Development Goals, according to a new paper published in Nature Communications. Led by researchers at University College London, the article is the first study to examine the potential effects of global warming […] Continue reading ->