The risk of future Ebola outbreaks could be greatly reduced by more aggressive climate mitigation measures along with rapid progress on the Sustainable Development Goals, according to a new paper published in Nature Communications. Led by researchers at University College London, the article is the first study to examine the potential effects of global warming […] Continue reading ->
Some 822 million people worldwide suffer from hunger, and climate change is driving rising food insecurity in countries struck by worsening patterns of drought, flooding and other extreme weather that reduces  crop yields and livestock production among for the rural poor, as well as causing food price spikes for urban populations, according to the 2018 […] Continue reading ->
Greta Thunberg, young climate activist, visits the “Pollution Pods” with Dr. Maria Neira, director of Public Health at the WHO. The “Pollution Pods” allows visitors to experience simulated air pollution levels in different cities around the world, bringing attention to the connection between climate change, air pollution, and respiratory health.   Continue reading ->