The messiness of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution and the growing challenge of climate change emerged as key challenges at the World Health Assembly (WHA) on Tuesday in discussions on resolutions on preparing for future pandemics in Geneva.  Representing 47 countries in the African region, Tanzania underscored the importance of greater equity and access to technology […] Continue reading ->
The global response to COVID-19 failed people in developing countries, women and health workers and must never be repeated, non-state actors told a meeting hosted by the United Nations (UN) in New York on Tuesday. The UN convened the four-hour multi-stakeholder meeting on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response (PPPR) in preparation for a High-Level Meeting […] Continue reading ->
There is widespread speculation that the World Health Organization (WHO) will decide that COVID-19 is no longer a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)” when its expert group convenes on Thursday. The 15th meeting of the Emergency Committee for COVID-19 has been convened by the WHO Director-General in terms of the International Health Regulations […] Continue reading ->
By the end of 2022, COVID-19 vaccines delivered by the global vaccine access initiative, COVAX,  helped to avert 2.7 million deaths across 92 lower-income countries, according a new report based on modelling by researchers from Imperial College London. COVAX’s biggest success was in low-income countries, where its vaccines were responsible for three-quarters of all deaths […] Continue reading ->
DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania—Blaring Singeli music is one of the few sources of entertainment for poor slum dwellers in Manzese, part of Tanzania’s smoke-belching capital city of Dar es Salaam. But for the 32-year-old Mariam Kinesha, the electronic music known for its fast beats, exuberant shaking dance style and muddled MC-driven lyrics, is not only […] Continue reading ->